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An Angel which punishes?

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An Angel which punishes?

I've signed up to this forum today because I'm seeking an answer to a question about a guardian angel I believe I have.

It may be karma, coincidence or something else but I really believe I have a guardian angel who exacts revenge on those who hurt me. There's so many different examples I could give - right from when I was about 8 years old until only a couple of months ago - that it seems beyond coincidence. One example is of someone who scraped my car and was very dismissive and arrogant about getting it repaired. A few weeks afterwards they then lost their driving licence for totally unrelated actions.

Another time an ex went behind my back to get an estate agent in to value our house - we were in the process of splitting up but he had no intention of telling me he was getting the sale underway. Later that day he drove to work and the engine fell out of his beloved car! It cost him a lot of money and could have been incredibly dangerous had he gone to work at his normal time. Instead he was just hit where it would hurt him most - his wallet.

I have loads of stories like this and whenever I hear about what has happened I look up and say thanks as I know my angel was there teaching them a lesson or at least punishing them in some way which is proportional to the amount of upset they caused me.

I also feel my angel keeps an eye on me and prevents me doing anything unpleasant to others and I kind of trust them to punish people for me! I know this sounds nuts and I've never heard of anyone having a vengeful angel so just wondering if someone could shed some light on this.


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Hi dear x

Angels would never do this or anything like it. Angels are there to support us and not inflict others on your or our behalf. Angels are pure loving beings. I suspect it is most likely karma that has come back round on those that have upset or hurt you not the angels. I hope this helps.

Love Gemini xxx

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Hello and

Welcome to the forum.

Gemini is right, angels don't exact punishment on others in anyway. I think I would feel very uneasy if I thought my guardian angel was punishing others who had harmed me and like Gemini I think whatever wrongs happens to others really isn't caused your guardian angel.  

Love Seabee xxx


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Thank you for your replies. I do believe in karmic energy and have never heard of angels doing something to 'seek revenge' as it were but the number of coincidences in my life have been huge so you can possibly see why I wondered.

It's reassuring to think that any angel looking out for me is only acting in a positive way.

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How nice to feel someone is

How nice to feel someone is looking out for you. I believe we all have someone watching over us, whether we feel them or not.

I don't believe the angels would have exacted revenge on anyone.

Lou xx

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Does God send you to eternal hell if you don't believe in him or Jesus? I would really like to know becuase I can't stand the thought of a God punishing innocent people. What do you think? Do you have any reffernces?